About Dr. Biren Shah

Spine & Joint Surgeon
M.S. (ortho), fellowship in spine & joints ( U.k., France, Australia)
Experience: 25 years

It is a common myth that spine surgeries lead to the paralysis/neurological weakness or deformity/disability. People usually are afraid of spine surgeries.

Dr. Biren shah feels that if, surgeries are done with proper diagnosis, when absolutely needed in proper indication and appropriate time with proper planning and its execution in his own hands, it always leads to miraculous results.

He has vast experience of surgical management in spine and joint diseases since last 17 years.

His skilled orthopaedic surgeries were fabricated for meticulous spine surgery at APOLLO HOSPITAL, CHENNAI, which was further furnished at the ROYAL NATIONAL ORTHOPAEDIC HOSPITAL, LONDON, and U.K and then fine tuned at World’s best spine institute DE CALLOT, FRANCE.

Feedback & Reviews

Nauman Shaikh
First thing I liked that Dr.Biren Shah's behaviour with patient. This is Gujarat's best Hospital for any Spine surgery. Doctor and staff treating very well with patients. Here I get best result for my spine surgery.
Very carefully All Staff....Food diagnosis by doctor
sanjay shah
Thank you so much dr birensir . We are very happy from your treatment. You have done a magical operation for my dad. We are very thankfull for you sir. Thank you so much once again.
Sumit Gandhi
Thank you Dr Biren shah sir. You have treated my mother without any operation,Very good experience and I am very happy with the treatment.This Hospital is very nice. Here the result is 100%.Dr.biren shah is the best spine surgen and his behave is very good and staff v niceeVery satisfied with the treatment of Dr Biren Shah. Dr. Biren shah rajvi hospital no.1 hospital in ahemdabad city Thank you 😊😊😊
Mayur Kanani
I have no good experience with this hospital. My colleague has spine pain. Give two injection on spine but no any result seen. West of time and West of money. Also this hospital is so expensive. So please think twice before visiting hospital.
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